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    Frozen products

    Order high quality Finnish bone broth, wheatgrass and neurolipids in ice cube form, delivered directly to your door! Note! Home delivery is included in the price of frozen products (NB! These products are currently only available in Finland).

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    Antioxidant drink bundle

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    Broccoli sprout juice ice cubes 5-pack

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    Frozen products bundle 5-pack

    229,00  or 194,65  every 2 months
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    Strong Neurolipid 2500 mg

    499,00  or 424,15  every 3 months
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    Wheatgrass juice

    118,90  or 101,07  every 2 months
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    Green plus ice cubes

    139,00  or 118,15  every 2 months
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    Bone broth ice cubes

    195,50  or 166,18  every 2 months
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    Citrus neurolipid

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