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    Parantava ruoka – Pellavarouhe


    Healing food – Flaxseed meal

    In this book, Surgery Specialist Kaarlo Jaakkola presents research and users’ healing experiences promoted by flaxseed meal.

    Note! Available only in Finnish!

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    Health from flaxseed meal for the whole body

    Note! This book is written in Finnish! 

    Flaxseed meal soft cover reveals how flax, this modest superfood, heals and treats the intestines, blood vessels and entire body. Flaxseed meal explains clearly, comprehensibly and with numerous practical examples why flaxseed meal should be eaten and in what way.

    Did you know that there is an inexpensive food product in Finnish nature that, among other things:

    • treats constipation
    • lowers cholesterol
    • balances blood sugar
    • promotes the growth of good intestinal bacteria and improves the microbial balance of the digestive tract

    You can also get answers to these long-considered questions about linen:

    • Which is better, seeds or grits?
    • If you eat flaxseed, do you need to eat flaxseed oil?
    •  How much flaxseed should be eaten to lower cholesterol?
    • What other nutrients are in the flaxseed meal?
    • Is flaxseed meal toxic?
    • Is there scientific evidence of the health effects of flaxseed meal?

    Kaarlo Jaakkola

    Kaarlo Jaakkola, a specialist in surgery, will present research in the field and the healing experiences of users, which will strengthen the user experiences gained from flax seed over the decades.

    This book also contains recipes that give you tips on how to take flaxseed meal into your daily diet in a delicious way.


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