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    Strong Neurolipid 2500 mg



    Strong neurolipid ice cubes contain Finnish neurolipids of animal origin, i.e. animal lecithin extract. Consists of phospholipids and several other fatty acids.

    Pack size: 5x 24 cubes


    Strong neurolipid ice cubes 2500 mg

    The 5-piece sales batch contains a 120-day dose. Available only in Finland! Home delivery is included in the price.

    Phosphoserine – Phosphocholine – Cephalin – Sphingomyelin 

    Strong neurolipid ice cubes contain Finnish neurolipids of animal origin, i.e. animal lecithin extract. Biomed has been developing and manufacturing neurolipid products since 1982. Biomed is the only manufacturer of lecithin extract of animal origin in Europe. 

    Animal lecithin extract, i.e. neurolipids, consist of phospholipids, as well as several other fatty compounds. In the preparation, all neurolipids are in natural proportions and thus complement each other.

    • Neurolipid preparations are made of domestic ingredient, pig brain, and contain phospholipids in their natural form.
    • Finnish animal lecithin extract, versatile fats in natural proportions
    • Rich in phospholipids: phosphocholine, cephalin, phosphoserine, sphingomyelin
    • 1 ice cube contains 2500 mg of neurolipids of animal origin
    • Additive-free
    • Easy to use ice cubes
    • A neurolipid preparation is a safe food consisting of fat that anyone can use as a supplement.

    Aqueous emulsion of animal lecithin isolated from domestic pig brain tissue. Frozen food.

    Nutritional supplement 5 x 360 g/ 24 cubes

    The 5-piece sales batch contains a 120-day dose

    1 cube per day or as advised by your doctor / nutritionist.
    Melt the ice cubes in water or add to smoothies or other health drinks. Drink cold.
    Can also be mixed with juice soups or warm foods such as bran, porridge, soups, sauces or other foods.

    Animal lecithin extract (neurolipids) 2500 mgof whichTotal phospholipids 1027.5 mg Phosphatidylcholine (lecithin) 526.5 mg Phosphatidylethanolamine (cephalin) 398.5 mg Phosphatidylserine (phosphoserine) 10.25 mg Sphingomyelin 47.75 mg Cardiolipin 43 mgCerebroside 45 mgOmega-3 53.25 mgOmega-6 109.75 mgOmega-7 74.75 mgOmega-9 174.75 mg

    Use tips
    Biomed’s frozen wheatgrass juice, Green plus and neurolipid ice cubes are perfect for mixing together. It is a good idea to take fat-soluble vitamin and micronutrient supplements at the same time with neurolipids.

    Spring water, neurolipids (animal lecithin extract from Finnish pig brain tissue).

    Store in the freezer (-18°C or colder) until the best before date or in the freezer compartment (-6°C) for approximately 5 days. Do not re-freeze after melting.

    The recommended daily dose must not be exceeded. Nutritional supplement should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet. Keep out of reach of small children.

    Manufactured in Finland.

    EAN: 6417152012043
    Product number: 16


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