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    Hengitystiet kuntoon ravitsemushoidolla


    Do you suffer from respiratory diseases such as the flu, bronchitis, asthma or cough?

    Respiratory rehabilitation with nutritional treatment book will provide you lots of useful information!

    Note! Written in Finnish!

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    Note! This book is written in Finnish! 

    Respiratory infections are the most common infections in the world.

    According to statistics from the World Health Organization, more people die from respiratory diseases than from cardiovascular diseases.

    It is estimated that more than 6 million respiratory infections occur in Finland each year, causing more than 3 million lost working days. If a patient does not receive effective nutritional medication, increasingly severe health problems can be expected.

    Each is individually exposed to a variety of oxidizing agents that can damage cells and predispose to disease. Each inflammatory condition compromises health and increases the need to protect cells with antioxidants, namely vitamins, trace elements, amino acids and fatty acids. The body’s ability to protect mucous membranes and repair damage that has already occurred is directly dependent on the availability of essential micronutrients. Zinc deficiency, for example, already affects about 2 billion people worldwide.

    “Every patient has the right to good care. It can be realized by including nutritional treatment, the central part of which is nutritional medication. This also applies to respiratory diseases. There is a clear, biochemical defense system in humans that should be tuned to achieve good treatment results.”

    – Kaarlo Jaakkola


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