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    Premium C-complex – 6-pack bundle


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    NOVELTY! The most versatile vitamin C complex on the market!

    Five sources of vitamin C + natural cofactors + Finnish lingonberry extract.

    Fat- and water-soluble & short- and long-acting forms together!

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    Pack size: 60 caps.

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    Premium C-Complex  – 6-pack bundle

    The most versatile vitamin C complex on the market

    Single product>>

    Five sources of vitamin C + natural cofactors + Finnish lingonberry extract

    Biomed’s modern Premium C-Complex is a full-spectrum vitamin C product designed to utilize the most significant sources of vitamin C from nature and modern science.

    • Active vitamin C, water-soluble and fat-soluble vitamin C chelate
    • Natural berry-based whole vitamins C with cofactors
    • No additives or fillers
    • For immunity, beauty (skin, hair, nails, etc.)
    • 1-4 capsules a day is enough
    • Water & fat soluble
    • Short and long-acting
    • The most versatile vitamin C product on the market
    • Made with professionalism in Finland

    Why choose Biomed’s Premium C-Complex?

    Premium C-Complex offers a unique and effective combination of sources of vitamin C, ensuring that you get the full benefit of this vital nutrient.

    The addition of camu camu and lingonberries not only increases the potency of our formulation, but also improves the bioavailability and effectiveness of vitamin C through a number of natural synergies.

    This makes our supplement an excellent choice for everyone who wants to optimize their immune system, improve the health of their skin, reduce oxidative stress in their body, prevent seasonal flu and promote their overall general well-being – and thus their quality of life.

    Biomed’s C-Complex is probably a new generation vitamin C nutritional supplement, even on a world scale, in an exceptional way. The product has been developed in cooperation with world-class top doctors and the best experts in the field. The product is handcrafted with love in Helsinki, by our own production team consisting of top professionals.

    It does not contain anything unnecessary – no fillers, additives, or anything else of no added value to the customer. It contains only and only high-quality components of added value, each of which plays its own important role in terms of product harmony, synergy, and overall potency and bioavailability

    Benefits of Premium C-Complex

    This unique mixture combines several forms of vitamin C (ascorbic acid, sodium ascorbate, magnesium ascorbate and ascorbyl palmitate) with whole vitamin C from Camu Camu powder and as the cherry on the cake – Finnish wild lingonberry extract, which further adds to the product specific bioflavonoids from northern nature that help the body absorb vitamin C. in beneficial use, bioavailability and work synergistically, enhancing the beneficial effects of vitamin C.

    Camu camu growing in the southern hemisphere and wild lingonberry growing in arctic conditions in the north have complementary effects and thus can be thought of as more than the sum of their numbers.

    1. Excellent sources of vitamin C

    Camu Camu is one of the richest natural sources of vitamin C, containing significantly more vitamin C than most other fruits, including oranges.

    When this is combined with the several different forms of vitamin C contained in the product, you get both an almost immediate and a more long-lasting benefit from this important nutrient, which ensures continuous support for the immune system and general health, and gives the body much more concretely than the usual vitamin C alone. The product can be thought of as a “moon rocket” with many different stages;

    1. Ascorbic acid

    2. Sodium Ascorbate & Magnesium Ascorbate

    3. Ascorbyl palmitate

    Ascorbic acid is absorbed first (almost immediately).

    Then sodium ascorbate & magnesium ascorbate (slightly slower, but even more comprehensive).

    The third stage is fat-soluble, long-acting ascorbyl palmitate, which ensures that the effect of even a single capsule would last significantly longer than normal, and thus the maximum response to raising the body’s vitamin C levels would be obtained from the amount of vitamin C it contains.

    In our opinion, each of these steps is important in its own way in a modern vitamin C product, but in reality, the whole and harmony of the product is crowned by the numerous bioflavonoids, cofactors, other antioxidants and similar perfect auxiliaries provided by nature from Camu Camu berry powder and Finnish wild lingonberry extract.

    2. Enhanced bioavailability with lingonberry

    Finnish wild lingonberries are not only a great source of vitamin C in themselves, but also full of bioflavonoids and other natural aids that work in harmonious synergy with vitamin C. These natural compounds work together with vitamin C, improving its absorption and effectiveness in the body.

    Bioflavonoids help stabilize vitamin C, increasing its availability to tissues and improving its antioxidant capacity.

    This makes lingonberries an excellent addition to our formulation, enhancing the holistic health benefits of Premium C-Complex

    3. Strong antioxidant protection

    In addition to vitamin C, Camu Camu and lingonberries also contain plenty of antioxidants that protect the body from oxidative stress.

    4. Immune system support

    Vitamin C is a well-known immune system booster. It improves the production of white blood cells, which are important for the immune system. Added antioxidants and other compounds from camu camu and lingonberries further support immune system function.

    5. Skin health and collagen production

    Vitamin C is essential for collagen synthesis, which is important for maintaining healthy skin, hair and nails. Camu Camu’s high vitamin C content supports collagen production. Combined with lingonberry bioflavonoids, Premium C-Complex not only improves collagen production, but also protects the skin from damage caused by oxidative stress.

    Vitamin C (ascorbic acid):

    • promotes normal immune system function during and after heavy exercise
    • promotes normal collagen formation for the normal function of blood vessels, bones, cartilage, gums, teeth and skin
    • promotes normal energy metabolism
    • promotes the normal functioning of the nervous system
    • promote normal psychological functions
    • promotes the normal functioning of the immune system
    • promotes the protection of cells from oxidative stress
    • helps reduce fatigue and exhaustion
    • promotes the return of vitamin E to its reduced form
    • increases iron absorption

    Premium C-Complex

    Vitamin C preparation

    Nutritional supplement 60 caps. / 42 g

    Recommended daily dose: 1-4 capsules per day

    The recommended daily dose of 1-4 capsules contains:

    Biomed Vitamin C Complex 600 mg – 2400 mg
    where of
    Vitamin C 500 mg (625%*) – 2000 mg (2500%*)
    cofactor mixture 100 mg to 400 mg
    * from the daily intake recommendation

    Ingredients: Biomed vitamin C complex (sodium ascorbate, ascorbic acid, magnesium ascorbate, ascorbyl palmitate, Camu Camu powder, Finnish lingonberry extract) (main raw material origin: non-EU), capsule (hydroxypropylmethylcellulose).

    If you are breastfeeding, pregnant or taking medication, discuss the use of a dietary supplement with your doctor.

    The declared recommended daily dose must not be exceeded. A nutritional supplement does not replace a varied and balanced diet or a healthy lifestyle. The product must be kept out of the reach of small children. Store in a dry place and at room temperature below 25 oC. Protect from sunlight and heat. The package contains a desiccant, which is not meant to be eaten.

    Made in Finland

    SKU: PCC60
    EAN: 6417152001092


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