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    Vatsa kuntoon – Opas vatsan ja suoliston hyvinvointiin


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    Note! This book is written in Finnish!

    Digestion is the most important part of human health and well-being. It can be said that a properly functioning digestion serves as the foundation of all health. The body or mind begins to show symptoms if digestion does not work properly.

    Digestive problems and diseases can cause symptoms in addition to traditional constipation, diarrhea and heartburn, e.g. in the following ways:

    • fatigue
    • headache
    • depression
    • pain
    • memory problems

    If you want health, your digestion needs to work properly.

    Even more than a million Finns suffer from diseases and ailments of the digestive system, more than a fifth suffer from upper abdominal ailments.

    Most Finns have had some trouble with digestion. Knowledge of effective help with nutritional treatments is welcome, as many suffer from ailments without receiving help.

    Natural treatment of digestion and finding a problem is one of the basics of Jaakkola’s treatment. Digestion is said to be another human brain, so it’s role in almost all ailments cannot be underestimated.

    Indigestion treated with traditional means often recurs because the real cause of the discomfort is not treated and the body cannot return to its natural and healthy state.

    For this reason, the efficacy of nutritional treatment and the sustainability of well-being, which have been difficult to obtain by traditional methods, have been valuable to patients.

    The things described in the book are the result of more than 30 years of passionate research by Jaakkola.

    Find out how you can improve your own well being!


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